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VHF Communications Magazine

VHF Communications was a quarterly magazine published between 1969 and 2013 especially for radio amateurs and professional RF engineers. It covered the VHF, UHF and Microwave bands. The magazine started as the English version of the German magazine UKW Berichte. Over the 45 years of publication it covered many topics from valve equipment through transistorised equipment to RF Integrated Circuits. The designs were published with full circuit diagrams and printed circuit layouts. Many theoretical topics were covered such as; antenna design, oscillator design, transmission theory and the practical use of modern RF modelling and design software.

All the magazines are available as back issues or on DVD/CD and a full magazine index is available to download to locate any articles of interest. Some sample articles can be downloaded as pdf files.

Update October 2014

Kirk Bailey, N7CCB has enhanced the pdf files for the complete magazine DVD. He has taken the original PDF files and used an advanced OCR process and converted them to PDF/A format. There are two additional folders on the 2014 edition of the complete DVD that contain:

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